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Why Us?

10 Years’ Experience Providing Back-Office Bookkeeping Support

This is what we do and we love doing it. Over the years, efficiency, accuracy and satisfied customers have become our hallmarks.

Seamless Onboarding Process

This reliable, easy process will surprise you or your client if you want us to go direct with them. It is designed to require minimum time and effort at the outset to get as much of the information as possible on the first pass

Deep Bench

We have a qualified, experienced bookkeeping staff who work flexible hours and can back each other up. We’ll always have the staff to take on a new client, which means you don’t have to worry about staff leaving, staff vacations. We handle that.

Reliable Systems

We use QuickBooks exclusively and we will want clients to use QuickBooks online, because of the ease of access for Blazej, for you as the CPA and for your client.  When needed, our other systems are just as respected and robust as QuickBooks. Check with us directly if you're interested in what those systems are.

Client Contact at Your Direction

We’ll follow your instructions to the letter and we will never suggest that the client go direct with us and never agree if they do ask for that. If you want us to work with an individual in your office, then they will be our only point of contact. Our intake system will collect that information, and our internal controls will ensure our compliance.

Dedicated Staff + Cross-Training = Great Service and Results

Our team is ours – they aren’t freelancers, and they don’t work for anyone else. We will execute NDAs with you for each client you entrust to us. You’ll have a lead bookkeeper in charge of the account and they will cross-train at least one additional bookkeeper on how to handle all the client tasks.  Vacations, doctor appointments, employee attrition in our office will not affect the quality or the speed of the work produced for your client.

You define what we do and how we interact (or don't) with your client and we will adhere to your wishes.  If we are working directly with a client, we will never attempt to expand the services offered.  Any suggestions we have to make will be made to you directly; never to the client.

We’ll Stay in Our Lane

Committed to Giving Back

BA&B is proud to participate with charitable causes, in order to give back to our community.  We are currently involved with volunteer efforts for the Ovarian Cancer Institute. Cheryl Blazej serves on the board of directors as Treasurer and chairs the Financial Committee. Cortni Farmer is volunteering her time on the fundraising side.

Estimate the cost of our services to your client

Use our online estimator to determine fees for the exact services your client requires.