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Our pricing is based on a typical hourly rate of $95, and is determined by the tasks to be performed on behalf of the client.

We've created an easy estimator tool to allow you to define exactly the services desired for your client.  Once you've identified those pieces, we can easily estimate the cost for our services.

What You Can Expect from BA&B

Use the estimator below to define the work your client needs.

It will produce an estimate you can use to bill for our services or to pass on to the client.

Once you tell us whether we're going direct to the client or billing you for our time, we'll set our internal procedures accordingly.

The price provided by the estimator will be honored for three months. At that time, we will evaluate the ongoing work and the time actually expended and adjust the price (up or down) accordingly.

We’ll perform this review every three months, so that you or your client are billed fairly for the current volume of work. This allows for growth or reduction as appropriate every three months.

The Process

If we are billing your client directly, just share the results of the estimator with them, let us know that they are ready and we'll get in touch with them to schedule our onboarding process.

If we are acting as back-office for your firm and billing you directly, we'll schedule our onboarding process for this client with you.

For ongoing work, the first month's payment is collected at intake. The BA&B team will begin working on tasks within just a few days.

At month-end, an invoice will be generated for the upcoming month, with 10-day terms.

Do You Have a Client in Mind?

Estimate the cost of our services to your client

Use our online estimator to determine fees for the exact services your client requires.