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Payroll Desk


Payroll sounds easy, but the returns and deposits can be a real problem for small businesses.

If you don't want to manage payroll for your clients, BA&B can take it on, assure timely deposits and filings, and eliminate the risk of penalties for your clients.

What You Can Expect from BA&B

We will take care of:

  • Nearly paperless processing
  • Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll runs
  • Direct deposits managed
  • Employment tax filing and deposits
  • Associated General Ledger maintenance
    • Verifying & posting revenue, expenses
    • Required journal ledger entries

The Takeway for Your Clients

Your client will be able to relax, knowing their employees will be paid on time, tax filings will happen on schedule and tax deposits will be made in compliance with deadlines. enjoy easy, paperless  receive accurate reports that provide a real financial picture of the business.

  • Tax penalties associated with payroll will be eliminated
  • Easy onboarding for new employees


Do You Have a Client in Mind?

Estimate the cost of our services to your client

Use our online estimator to determine fees for the exact services your client requires.