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Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Desk

When business is conducted outside of the office, managing necessary tasks - like collections and billing customer service - becomes doubly difficult.

We can make it easy for your clients to manage billing to their clients and make sure their own bills get paid along with handing collections and customer service for accounts receivable.

What You Can Expect from BA&B

We will take care of:

  • Vendor invoices and payments
  • Customer invoices and payment
  • Outbound collection efforts
  • Inbound accounts payable inquiries
  • All the associated general ledger activities

The Takeway for Your Clients

Your client will know their bills are being paid, and that every effort is being made to collect monies due from their own customers.

  • Staffing an admin position to handle these tasks is unnecessary
  • Cash flow is more predictable
  • Credit worthiness is protected

Do You Have a Client in Mind?

Estimate the cost of our services to your client

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