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Back Office Bookkeeping

We provide timely and accurate bookkeeping for the CPA’s clients so the CPA can focus on higher-value, specialized services.

CPAs are often frustrated by

  • Having to focus on the nuts-and-bolts of bookkeeping when their focus for their clients is tax planning and business guidance
  • Dealing with clients who don't keep their own records up to date
  • Needing additional staff to prep the paperwork during tax time, but not wanting to add headcount permanently

The Blazej back-office accounting team will back you up -- every day or just when things get hectic.

Work with us in the way that suits your practice.

  • We can be invisible to your clients with our White Label service – their only contact will be with the work we do, not with our staff.
  • We can be an extension of your office and work with your clients directly, while you bill them for the work we do.
  • We can be a resource you offer your clients, we'll do the work you think they need, but we'll work with and bill your clients directly.

The Blazej Accounting on-boarding process is efficient and accurate, and the depth of our bench can accommodate the intake of many new clients at once. Have 10 new clients to onboard in 6 weeks? Not a problem!

Estimate the cost of our services to your client

Use our online estimator to determine fees for the exact services your client requires.